About Novak Constructions

There are many builders who can erect a house, Novak Constructions will work with you to create a home.

Novak Thompson has always been a high achiever in every aspect of his life. Right from the start of his career he collected numerous carpentry apprenticeship awards and competed at national level in Work Skill competitions in carpentry and joinery. Unknown to many, he also balanced career success with sporting success, competing as a world-class endurance athlete in every corner of the world.

The focus, energy and discipline Novak applied as an elite athlete is evident in his work today. Novak still retains a passion for excellence, which he imparts in every building project. All employees in the company exceed their trade abilities and are polite and professional to work with, this extends to the subcontractors we work with directly, all of which have pride and ownership in their job.

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